Sandisk Cruzer Enterprise problem solved...

...well, sort of.

by Michael Smith

I know that there are many out there that use Windows XP Pro where, after a Windows update, their Sandisk Cruzer Enterprise hardware encrypted USB drives failed to work. They get messages such as “Cruzer Enterprise requires 2 free drive letters, etc.”

This is all due, as I have explained before, to an update by Microsoft that really screwed it all up and the so-called hotfix that was supposed to be fixing it in most case does not either. What a surprise now – NOT.

The new versions of the Cruzer stick however, have a new driver it would appear that sorts this and not just for the Cruzer but also for the Kingston Data Traveler Black Box.

I found this out because having met the guys from Sandisk recently at the Insight Client Event 09 ate the Old Billingsgate Fishmarket in the City of London where the gentleman kindly gave me a new one of the drives. Once installed not only does the new drive work but the old one that failed in summer last year does too and so does the Data Traveler Black Box. It would that both Sandisk and Kingston use the same program in the stick.

I, therefore, suggest that anyone having problems with an older Cruzer Enterprise get in contact with Sandisk's customer support team; they may have the new driver that one can download. The other alternative, especially, I should think suitable for the larger enterprises that use the Cruzer drive, would be to buy a new version and install that driver from the stick on all XP Pro machines.

There is and never has been no problem with Windows 2000 and/or Vista for either of those drives that use the same encryption program on them.

This just by way of a “heads up” and I hope it will be beneficial for you all that have those problems.

© M Smith (Veshengro), 2009