21 Days before Government cut off non-compliant local authorities

London 10th March 2009 - Credant Technologies, the endpoint data protection and security specialist is coming to the rescue of local authorities, education and emergency services who are being faced with ex-communication from Government networks as the March 31st compliance deadline approaches. The Government Connect Secure eXtranet (GCSx) and Code of Connection (CoCo) rules kick in on March 31 and any local authority not meeting the rules could run the risk of losing data and being cut-off from Government networks.

"Many Public Sector departments in the UK make extensive use of remote access technology and staff regularly need to access confidential information and sensitive financial details from their notebooks as part of their daily routine," said Paul Huntingdon, Public Sector Director at Credant Technologies.

"When the first GCSx CoCo compliance rules begin on March 31, local authorities cannot run the risk of losing remote access for staff in the field, so having a secure and effective encryption of all data stored on the endpoint computers is absolutely critical," he added.

The important thing about meeting the new mandate, he explained, is that local authorities must not only do what is required, but they must be seen to be completing the necessary actions, and, if necessary, prove that they have met the requirements of the new security gateway system.

"Despite the fact that many local authorities have been advised by the Government of the need to complete their GCSx CoCo reviews and consultancy procedures, there are still some departments that have yet to fully implement a secure connection system for their remote users," he said.

"As a result, once the secure Government gateway goes live at the end of this month, these `straggler departments' could find themselves being cut off from access to the GCSx system, whether they access the gateway directly or, as is the case for remote users, via an aggregated gateway, unless of course the Government grants extensions to them," he said.

As a result of the impending GCSx CoCo security deadline, Credant Technologies is in active discussions with a number of local authorities across the UK since its security technology – Credant Mobile Guardian ensures the provision and maintenance of the highest levels of encryption for data at rest on all end point computing devices and can be managed and rolled out on a central basis, so local government bodies can deploy their technology in a timely and cost-effective manner.

For more on the GCSx CoCo security requirements: http://tinyurl.com/dhq83f

For more on Credant Technologies: http://www.credant.com

Yvonne Eskenzi, Eskenzi PR