Google Chrome claims to be fastest web browser

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Google Chrome claims to be fastest web browser but this claim does not hold water, as far as my tests are concerned. The fastest browser that I have found is Opera and NOT Google Chrome. Chrome takes 10x longer to load than Firefox and also IE, and I found it to be very unstable and unreliable.

Firefox also tends to freeze, especially some of the recent builds, while, so far, Opera has remained stable. I do prefer Firefox, however, because of the many add-ons and the way it organizes the bookmarks.

While you find many Downloaders recommending Google Chrome, over Firefox even recently, and definitely over Opera, both of which are free in the same way as Chrome, Chrome really, at least not as far as I have found in use, does not stand up to their claims.

Chrome is also, and we must remember that, and thus it makes it no better, on Mozilla Firefox and, as is Opera.

There are people that I have encountered who claim that Google Chrome works great and is very fast (in comparison to what? Internet Explorer?) in my experience that has not been borne out and not just one one operating system and machine.

Firefox and Opera beats Chrome hands down in speed and reliability with Opera being faster to start and connect than even Mozilla Firefox.

Google Chrome now also claims aside from being the fastest web browser the safest and I would be very suspicious there with the latter as the former, as we have just discussed, does certainly not live up to findings.

I have never experienced as may false starts and issues with any other browser as I have with Google Chrome. From taking ages to start up, insisting to load the home page. Blank page is not an option, it would seem.

Whatever one may try loading pages on Google Chrome, as far as my systems are concerned, takes up to a minute to two – if it does not crash – and that with a high-speed broadband connection. Even Internet Explorer works better and faster than does Google Chrome.

As in so many fields, whether in the green one or the IT one, not every claim is true and lives up to its promises.

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