Hackito Ergo Sum announcing HES2011

Hackito Ergo Sum announcing HES2011

from 7th to 9th of April (Paris, France)

After the sucess of its first edition last year, the HES2011 conference gathers together once again the finest experts of the international security scene. Backed up with an amazing program committee*, HES is on the way to be an international event of exceptional quality.

HES aims at anticipating the challenges of the security world and gathers together underground or amateur security researchers together with professional security expert researchers and technical decision makers. During three days, HES will feature new research presentations, of the highest technical level, presented by some of the most respected international researchers. Its goal is to support networking and innovation while federating communities and key actors from the industry, from both the public and the private sectors.

The topics covered will include : vulnerability analysis, SCADA architectures, Reverse Engineering, the underground economy, attacks on banking or telecom infrastructures, Cloud Computing security, the botnet fenomenon, threat intelligence...

In addition to the debates between security enthousiasts, many practical demos are expected. A special session will focus on genuinely new content from brilliant hackers, security researchers, or academic researchers. An other track will present talks from anonymous speakers, allowing them to publish their most sensitive work while preserving their privacy.

According to the traditional spirit of security conferences, the 2011 edition will offer various challenges, like a lockpicking contest or the mandatory "Capture The Flag", which was last year prepared by the Over The Wire online wargame community.

The Call for Paper is now open and will close the 20th of February 2011 : http://hackitoergosum.org

The Program Committee is composed of some of the most respected hackers worldwide.

This is the ultimate garantee of the quality of the content chosen to be presented at HES.

In spite of the borders and their ideological, economical or military differences, they share their research and forge together new concepts. At the same time theoretician and experimentators, they all collaborate in a community spirit, to contribute to the progress of computer security and anticipate tomorrow's challenges.

* Program Committee is composed of the following World-Wide Experts :

Tavis Ormandy (Google)

Matthew Conover (Symantec)

Jason Martin (SDNA Consulting Shakacon)

Stephen Ridley

Mark Dowd (AzimuthSecurity)

Tiago Assumpcao

Alex Rice (Facebook)

Pedram Amini (ZDI)

Erik Cabetas

Dino A. Dai Zovi (Trail Of Bits)

Alexander Sotirov

Barnaby Jack (IOActive)

Charlie Miller (SecurityEvaluators)

David Litchfield (V3rity Software)

Lurene Grenier (Harris)

Alex Ionescu

Nico Waisman (Immunity)

Piotr Bania

Laurent GaffiƩ (Stratsec)

Julien Tinnes (Google)

Brad Spengler (Grsecurity)

Silvio Cesare (Deakin University)

Carlos Sarraute (Core security)

Cesar Cerrudo (Argeniss)

Daniel Hodson (Ruxcon)

Nicolas Ruff (E.A.D.S)

Julien Vanegue (Microsoft Security Redmond)

Itzik Kotler (Security Art)

Rodrigo Branco (Checkpoint)

Tim Shelton (HAWK Network Defense)

Ilja Van Sprundel (IOActive)

Raoul Chiesa (TSTF)

Dhillon Andrew

Kannabhiran (HITB)

Philip Petterson

The Grugq (COSEINC)

Emmanuel Gadaix (TSTF)

Kugg (/tmp/lab)

Harald Welte (gnumonks.org)

Van Hauser (THC)

Fyodor Yarochkin (Armorize)

Gamma (THC Teso)

Pipacs (Linux Kernel Page Exec Protection) Shyama Rose.

Including the three organisers of HES:
Philippe Langlois (P1 Security TSTF /tmp/lab)
Jonathan Brossard (Toucan System P1 Code Security /tmp/lab)
Matthieu Suiche (MoonSols)

"Hackers to Decision Makers" meetings

For all the duration of HES2011, companies can ask for face to face interviews with technical experts on the hotest topics of computer security and research during the "Hackers to Decision Makers" meetings. Those individual interviews will then focus on the topic of their choice : botnets, reverse code engineering, attacks and enforcement of copyright laws, anonymity and tracking on internet, critical infrastructures, virtualization... Those interviews with key experts of the sector will preserve the anonimity of the participants.


HES will feature trainings of very high technical level. They will happen the days before the 2011 edition of Hackito Ergo Sum. Like during the Blackhat or CanSecWest conferences, those trainings will be given by the speakers of HES2011, on extremely technical topics, such as binary reverse engineering, security analysis through Microsoft HyperV, security of the SS7 Telecom signaling networks... Those trainings are focusing on the latest attack trends and techniques, with strong emphasis on demos and practical manipulation of the environments, processes or infrastructures by the participants of the training.

Hackito Ergo Sum (HES) is a security conference offering new and exclusive points of view on IT security. It gathers together international security experts along with the most respected hackers from the underground. HES aims at facilitate the sharing of knowledge and best practices, the release of previously undisclosed research, and trends, in order to anticipate and face the upcoming challenges in IT security. Since it was created in 2009, Hackito Ergo Sum can count on the help of the best security researchers worldwide.

For more information http://hackitoergosum.org