BitDefender survey reveals internet pornography remains a major e-threat source

63% of the users looking for online adult content compromised their computers’ security more than once

BitDefender®, an award winning provider of innovative internet security solutions, has today announced results that reveal internet pornography remains a main source of e-threats. BitDefender’s study, which exposes data security risks and implications when accessing websites with adult content, confirms that 63% of the users attempting to find adult content on their computers compromised their security on multiple occasions. The study consisted of a survey concerning the psychological background of adult online content use and net research aiming to identify the ensuing malware and privacy related issues.

“This BitDefender survey confirms that users should think twice when accessing pornographic sites since this is an area that cyber criminals continue to exploit,” states Sabina Datcu, E-Threats Analysis and Communication Specialist and author of the survey. “Over 60% of respondents admitted that they have had malware-related issues more than once as a direct consequence of accessing adult content. The findings of this study should make users consider whether accessing these sites is worth compromising their systems, data and work.”

More than 72% of the 2,017 respondents interviewed in the study admitted that they had searched for and accessed adult content sites (78% men and 22% women). The study also uncovered that of the most accessed pornographic materials, 91% were videos that can be downloaded from different sources including torrents, websites and hubs. Real-time adult content sites, such as video-chats and adult dating, ranked second in respondents’ preferences with 72%.

The study went on to reveal that 69% of the interviewed participants declared that they usually access adult content websites from home, while 25% access them from work and only 6% from other locations (internet cafés, etc). The main motivations for accessing adult sites were the need to relax (54%) and curiosity (38%).

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