Tampa, FL - October 15, 2008: NORTHERN, a leading provider of storage resource management software solutions, today announced that it has joined the HP Developer and Solution Partner Program (DSPP). As a member of the HP DSPP, Northern will work closely with HP to offer customers a more efficient way to manage storage systems, minimize administrative overhead, and increase across-the-board productivity.

The software solution Northern Storage Suite brings state-of-the-art storage resource management to even the most demanding, heterogeneous enterprise environments, streamlining content and bringing usage down to manageable levels. Northern Storage Suite provides flexible, granular and scalable enterprise storage management within a non-intrusive, low impact architecture. Features include: award-winning disk quotas and file block capabilities, comprehensive reporting, an end-user portal and out-of-the-box storage chargeback. The suite focuses on increasing manageability and decreasing overall cost of networked storage. Administrators now have a centralized means of identifying and reclaiming wasted capacity, controlling user behavior, making users responsible for the data they store and accurately forecasting storage needs at individual device and enterprise levels.

"Northern Storage Suite enables organizations to meet the challenges of today's heterogeneous storage environments, giving IT administrators an unmatched combination of simplicity, flexibility and control across the enterprise," said Thomas Vernersson, Northern's CEO. "The suite allows customers to maximize their existing storage infrastructure and realize the ensuing efficiencies and cost-savings of active storage management."

In addition to joining the HP DSPP, Northern is also a gold member of the HP Information Management and Software Partner Program. By leveraging the technical, sales and marketing support provided by HP's partner programs such as the DSPP, Northern can offer customers efficient, cost-effective means of managing their storage infrastructure and extracting value from their data.

"ISVs are often looking for ways new ways to help their customers and grow their business," said Kristy Ward, worldwide marketing and business development manager, Developer and Solution Partner Program, HP. "With membership in the HP DSPP, Northern Parklife can tap into our worldwide community to more easily develop and market offerings that work with HP's business technology portfolio."

Northern is an international software company specializing in the development of reliable, flexible and easy to use solutions for storage management. Northern Storage Suite breaks Storage Resource Management down into four goals; to identify and reclaim wasted storage capacity, control user behavior, plan for future storage needs and make the end-users a part of the storage solution. World-wide over 28,000 organizations and more than half of the companies on Fortune Global 100 use Northern software to bring control and order to their storage environments. The company serves a global market through its five bases of operations, United States [Tampa, FL], Sweden [Stockholm], France [Biarritz], United Kingdom [London], and Germany [Munich].