MXI Security MXP Portable Security USB Devices Certified by IdenTrust

Stealth MXP portable security devices and ACCESS Identity software secure IdenTrust credentials to enable innovative identity solutions for trusted online banking

Montreal, Canada, and Santa Ana, California, October 20, 2008MXI Security™, the leader in superior managed portable security solutions, today announced a global partnership with IdenTrust, the only bank-centric global interoperable identity network, to provide a compelling, easy-to-use identity solution for financial institutions.

The collaboration delivers a completely portable, three-factor authentication solution, for fighting identity theft, securing online transactions, and increasing customers’ trust in the institutions with which they do business. MXI Security’s leading edge zero footprint and driverless Stealth MXP portable security devices and ACCESS Identity software are certified to operate in an IdenTrust compliant manner. The joint solution goes beyond strong authentication and offers defense against man-in-the-middle attacks, by securing private keys and IdenTrust digital certificates in trusted hardware with biometric and password authentication, along with a portable Internet browser and hardened token interface. Zero reliance on a workstation footprint provides an incredibly easy user experience for mobility. IdenTrust compliant signing interfaces create legally binding digital signatures across all identity-enabled applications. Users can also get secure portable storage with AES 256-bit hardware based encryption in the Stealth MXP devices. ACCESS Identity software further allows organizations to leverage the Stealth MXP devices for advanced portable identity capabilities.

“We are pleased to be working with IdenTrust a leader in providing financial institutions with innovative identity authentication solutions,” said Lawrence Reusing, CEO of MXI Security. “Together we will deliver to the financial services industry the most advanced portable security devices that will provide banking customers the highest assurance that their IdenTrust identities, financial information, and online banking experience are secure and protected.”

“By partnering with MXI Security, IdenTrust can offer greater portability and usability of high assurance IdenTrust identities to uniquely address the increasing security threats financial institutions face in their eBanking channels,” said Christy Serrato, Director of Business Development at IdenTrust.

MXI Security is a leading provider of portable security devices to the governments and corporations worldwide, and the company and its technology has received numerous awards including, the Stealth MXP winning Network Products Guide The 2008 Outstanding Award in World’s Best Security Products Category and Government Computer News Best of FOSE 2007, and MXI Security was name to Bank Technology News top 10 FutureNow List for 2008. A premier provider of authentication solutions to global financial institutions and the United States government, IdenTrust has won numerous awards and received global recognition from Ernst and Young, Bank Technology News and Financial-i.

Source: MXI Security