Security Concerns over Cloud Storage

Many more businesses are moving their data storage requirements to cloud service providers but are they making provision for the securing of that data, asks Managing Director of data security company Digital Pathways, Colin Tankard.

“ The responsibility for securing your data being stored in the cloud remains with you, as it would if you held it on your own server. I wonder how many businesses understand this? ” says Tankard.

Using the cloud offers great benefits especially in terms of cost reduction. However, as businesses face increasing pressure regarding issues of compliance and privacy the need to ensure robust data security increases expotentially.

“I think some businesses may well be put off using the cloud because of the security issue but there are good solutions out there in the form of robust encryption products.

“Digital Pathways, for example, offers its clients the Vormetric data security product for Amazon web services which offers rapid deployment, is granular, offers separation of duties, is simple and portable.

“One thing is certain, employing the best data security is an absolute must for all businesses situations but especially if you are going to use the cloud” concludes Tankard.

Source: Joy Moon. PR Consultant for Digital Pathways

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