Innovative software solutions to reduce business energy and printing costs

New green technology from Avanquest to offer SoHo and SMBs a cost effective alternative to improve environmental efficiency

Avanquest Software Publishing, a leading developer and publisher of business and consumer software for the global PC market, has added two new editions to its Green Technology software range. Energy Saver Eco and Print Saver Eco provide businesses and individuals with easy and cost effective solutions to reduce energy consumption bills and save on printer ink costs.

“Using energy efficiently within a business will not only reduce environmental impact but also has the potential to offer significant cost savings,” states Dave Brass, Managing Director of Avanquest Software Publishing. “A resource-efficient business can improve reputation among existing customers, employees, investors, stakeholders and suppliers as well as offering value for attracting prospective new customers.”

Energy Saver Eco automatically adjusts and optimises the power and temperature of a PC’s processor through an ‘Efficient Power’ function to enable users to benefit from up to 40% of electricity savings. It manages the stand-by parameters of the Windows operating system and instantly regulates the processor’s power without delay, according to the programs and functions that are in use. Consequently, tasks that require different speeds such as word processing, picture editing and video exporting can be completed without wasting energy.

The stand-by system offered by Energy Saver Eco ensures that a computer does not consume energy unnecessarily while it is not in use by enabling users to set stand-by functions for both day and night. ‘Simple’ stand-by mode stores data in RAM, consumes very little energy and allows for a very rapid exit, while ‘Extended’ standby writes the data to the hard drive, still consumes little energy and enables a quick restart of the PC.

Print Saver Eco enables users to manage printer ink ratios to prevent unnecessary waste, encourage savings and extend the life of cartridges by reducing the amount of ink used by up to 75%, while still maintaining print speed efficiency and final print quality. Compatible with any printer, as well as printers shared over any Local Area Network, the software sits in the system tray when activated and works in the background so no adjustments need to be made each time printing is required.

With Print Saver Eco users can specify preferred ink saving ratios using the Ink Saving Option window and then keep up to 100 of them as ‘Profiles’, which can be activated in just one click for easy and convenient future use. The software also allows users to monitor how much money they are saving on ink via the savings calculator function and by saving a printing log as a .csv file to track savings and printing history.

Energy Saver Eco enables companies to:

· Save up to 40% on their energy bills

· Know their IT consumption figures

· Ensure that all PCs are placed on standby when not in use

· Optimise their energy strategy on the basis of known use

· Provide each user with the computing power needed in real time

Print Saver Eco offers businesses the opportunity to:

· Save up to 75% on the amount of ink they use

· Know their ink consumption figures

· Monitor print history and track savings via a printer log

· Use data provided to report on environmental strategies

· Contribute towards environmental responsibility

Sales information:

Energy Saver Eco: RRP £34.63 inc VAT

Print Saver Eco: RRP £30.62 inc. VAT

Trial versions are available via ESD from:

Resellers interested in selling these products should visit or contact Avanquest B2B sales on: 01480 359405.

System requirements for Print Saver Eco:

Microsoft Windows® 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista (32-bit & 64-bit) and Windows 7 (32-bit & 64-bit), RAM: 256 MB minimum hard drive space, minimum of 5 MB for installation.

System requirements for Energy Saver Eco:

Microsoft Windows® XP, Windows Vista (32-bit & 64-bit), Windows XP (64-bit) and Windows 7 (32-bit & 64-bit), 1.0 GHz processor. 512 MB RAM, 10 GB hard disk (requires 5 Mb free disk space),

.NET Framework 2.5.

Avanquest Software is one of the world’s leading software developers and publishers, with operations in Europe, North America and China, and marketing its software titles through Retail, Corporate, OEM and Direct-to-Consumer channels. The company is committed to innovation in the design, development and publishing of world-class, easy-to-use and affordable software. Avanquest Software is listed on Euronext (ISIN FR0004026714) since December 1996. Additional information is available at or

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