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DES raises the bar for cost effective data security with new features and licensing modelDES

Taunton, UK, February 2011 – Data Encryption Systems Limited (DES), the UK-based leader in software copyright protection, data encryption, secure messaging and data storage solutions and winner of Computing Security's Encryption Product of the Year 2010, has today announced that it is offering its market leading encryption solution, DESlock+ Personal Edition, to home users for free. The company has also introduced 2 new features for the DESlock+ Standard Edition, including removable media encryption and portable encryption, as well as moving to a per user licensing structure, giving more flexibility to mobile workers.

Paul Jackson, Head of Business Development at Sigma Software Distribution, one of the UK’s main distributors of DESlock+, comments: "Companies need to account for every penny and by adding extra features to the standard product and reorganising its licence structure, DES has really taken this on board. DESlock+ would be a great choice for a company with mixed requirements as it caters for mobile workers while still offering a cost-effective solution for desktop workers. It's great to see a company that thinks about its customers requirements and aligns its offering to suit these needs."

DESlock+ has previously been licenced on a per system basis, meaning the licence was registered to an individual system. This has now changed and licences will now be registered to the actual user. As a result, anyone with a licence for the DESlock+ PRO or DESlock+ Standard Edition will be able to put a copy of the software on their own home PCs for business use, giving them DESlock+ security at home as well as in the office, at no extra cost.

David Tomlinson, Managing Director for DES, comments: “We always try to think about how people actually work when we design our products and today it’s clear that people are no longer confined to the office. With laptops, hot-desking, portable media and USBs, the mobile working revolution is here and here to stay. We have therefore adapted our offering to align with evolving business needs.”

The DESlock+ Personal Edition is the only free FIPS 140-2 approved encryption product available on the market. It helps to protect organisations from data breaches by offering extremely powerful encryption for emails, files and folders, virtual discs and archives. The product includes a Desktop Shredder for the safe destruction of sensitive information and works using DESlock+’s unique key sharing technology, which allows the safe transfer and sharing of information.

The DESlock+ Standard Edition is aimed at business desktop computers and includes all the features listed above for the Personal Edition, along with Policy-driven Removable Media Encryption. This allows administrators to ensure that any data written to a USB disk or Flash drive is encrypted. DESlock+ Go, a portable encryption system which allows protected USB sticks to be used on unprotected systems where required, has also been introduced into the Standard version. These new features give desktop users more freedom to move information outside of the office.

The DESlock+ PRO Edition is aimed at protecting laptops and desktops in less secure locations. DESlock+ Pro includes the features of the Standard Edition as well as Full disk Encryption (FDE), providing total cover against unexpected events and compliance with various directives and regulations.

Tomlinson continues: “By offering customers removable media encryption and portable encryption with the standard licence, and combining this with a per user licence structure, workers can take encrypted work home with them and work on their own PC. We also offer full disk encryption as part of our PRO licence and are actually giving away free personal licences, so there really is something for everyone. We will also be making some more product announcements in the next few weeks as we launch our Enterprise Server to help with improved management, so watch this space.”

DES’s Enterprise Server is due for the release towards the end of February. The Enterprise Server will allow remote control administrators to manage users encryption keys through the internet through its centralised management software. This is yet another step undertaken by DES to ensure that home and mobile working remains secure and does not present a gap in compliance.

For those customers interested in purchasing a DESlock+ licence, or downloading a free version of its Personal Edition, please visit the website: The website also provides customers with an overview of specific industries and directives with its series of compliance guides, to help organisations to better understand their security requirements.

Since 1985, Data Encryption Systems has been the UK’s most successful manufacturer of software protection dongles, software copyright protection systems, secure handset reprogramming accessories. Data Encryption Systems markets and supports products used by tens of thousands of businesses worldwide to protect applications, copyrighted materials, medical records, government files and other confidential and personal information. The company’s flagship product, DESlock+, has been awarded SC Magazine’s Best Buy for three successive years and was also the winner of Computing Security's Encryption Product of the Year 2010.

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