Oaklee Housing Association protect sensitive data with DeviceLock

London, January 2010 (Aspectus PR) – DeviceLock, Inc., a worldwide leader in context-aware endpoint data leak prevention software, announces that Oaklee Housing Association, a voluntary non-profit organisation providing social housing, care and support services, has chosen DeviceLock to protect its sensitive data. The software will establish comprehensive control over employee access to workstation’s local ports and peripheral devices including printers and personal mobile devices to reduce the risk of data leakage.

Oaklee Housing Association has over a hundred and forty network users working across sixty-five satellite offices throughout Northern Ireland. From a corporate network perspective there is a lot of highly sensitive information, that of tenants and the business as a whole which needs to be hosted on the network. Although the association had not experienced an incident of data theft or leakage, the high profile incidents in central and local government over recent years alerted the Association of the need to be vigilant. Therefore, Oaklee wanted to ensure it was compliant with the most robust security standards.

“On the tenant side of the business, there is a lot of delicate personal information we need to protect, such as account information, details of vulnerable tenants and arrears histories, for example. There is also a whole host of information on the business that we need to secure,” said Brain McKenna, Communications Manager at Oaklee Housing Association. “Therefore, we wanted to ensure we protected ourselves against data leakage, be it accidentally or maliciously.”

“We are regulated by the department of social development, so it’s clearly important for us to have the right security procedures in place,” continued McKenna. “DeviceLock provides us with the appropriate levels of management access to important data. It proved a good balance between the functionality we were looking for, and cost - and has been very simple to implement.”

DeviceLock is a precise and flexible tool for precisely controlling, logging, shadow-copying and auditing end-user access to all types of local ports and peripheral devices, including local and network printers, as well as Windows Mobile®, iPhone®, Palm® and BlackBerry® smartphones. Complementing its port, device, and data channel-based controls with data type-level security, DeviceLock supports true file type detection and filtering by intercepting any file system’s read/write operations with peripheral devices, performing real-time analysis of the entire binary content of transmitted data and enforcing applicable file-type based security policies.

DeviceLock also integrates with leading encryption products from PGP®, Lexar®, SecurStar®, and TrueCrypt® in order to protect data on removable storage devices. In addition, DeviceLock blocks operations of USB and PS/2 hardware keyloggers.

DeviceLock features a comprehensive central management console natively integrated with Microsoft Active Directory® platform through a custom-made MMC snap-in for Group Policy Object Editor, thus making the process of device access control easy and simple for corporate security administrators. DeviceLock’s administrative functions can be shared among multiple security administrators with different roles defined from the DeviceLock management console.

The Oaklee Housing Association provides and manages quality social housing, care and support services to meet a wide range of needs. These include sheltered housing for the elderly, general family housing and people with special needs. The organisation has a turnover of 16 million and a property asset base of 280 million.

Since its inception in 1996 as SmartLine, DeviceLock, Inc. has been providing endpoint device control software solutions to businesses of all sizes and industries. Protecting more than 4 million computers in over 60,000 organizations worldwide, DeviceLock has a vast range of corporate customers including financial institutions, state and federal government agencies, classified military networks, healthcare providers, telecommunications companies, and educational institutions. DeviceLock, Inc. is an international organization with offices in San Ramon (California, US), London (UK), Ratingen (Germany), Moscow (Russia) and Milan (Italy).