False Advertising by Vodaphone

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

London, UK, January 2010: Recently I have noticed the latest billboard ad by Vodaphone, the cell phone company in Britain that always likes to claim that it is the best service in the UK, where they claim that “Only Vodaphone guarantees a mobile signal in your home.”

This, in my experience, is not just a false claim but outright lies.

Having used Vodaphone for my business cell phone initially and never been able to get anything of a signal in my home or anywhere in the direct local area where I live I can but say that Vodaphone, in my opinion, is useless in many places of Britain.

I have had the same problem with a Vodaphone SIM for a mobile broadband Internet service and, yet again, the company claims that their signals are the most reliable ones in this country. I beg to differ and disagree here and have found only one service to that fits that bill but, in order not to appear biased or wanting to do some free publicity for them, I will not mention the service here.

It is my belief that the Advertising Standards Agency should take a very serious look at Vodaphone's claims and get Vodaphone to rectify their statments.

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