Parkeon Chooses Fortify Software To Keep Hackers At Bay

December 2009 (Eskenzi PR) - Parkeon, one of the world’s largest parking and transport management solution providers has chosen Fortify Software, the leading application security software provider to secure their latest end to end electronic payment solutions.

Parkeon engaged Fortify at the very early stages of designing its latest state of the art electronic payment product, ‘ArchiPEL’, recognising that if it was to be robust and secure the developers must build in stringent and secure software with flawless watertight code to prevent hacking incidents or breaches.

Fortify was a natural choice as they are the application security and testing provider able to identify, contain and prevent security vulnerabilities in software that is chosen by numerous governments around the world, the forces such as the US Airforce, many of the major banks such as ABN-AMBRO and JP Morgan, and a number of Fortune 500 companies.

Luc Porchon, Banking Applications Project Manager of Parkeon explains “Parkeon has clients all around the world who currently use our products to make, and receive, payments. The security of these electronic transactions is of paramount importance to us and, therefore, we closely monitor our payment systems to ensure a proven level of security, validating the integrity whilst maintaining the confidentiality of each user’s personal data. We believe, therefore, that security must be built in as a basic vital ingredient right at the beginning of development which is why we employed Fortify’s expertise back in May 2009.”

For three months Fortify provided consultancy to Parkeon to check and scrutinise its Archipelago software to ensure that it passes the stringent requirements expected from the latest PCI DSS and PA-DSS standards. Using its latest software, Fortify quickly and easily checked all the code, at source, testing it for flaws and then sealed any vulnerabilities, where most common hackers target in order to breach the system.

Luc summarises, “Using Fortify’s expertise to test our software, right from the outset whilst at the code development stage and again at various stages in its development, uncovering vulnerabilities and then removing these flaws has been essential in getting our product to market on time whilst ensuring it meets the stringent compliancy standards and recent requirements such as PCI DSS and PA-DSS. Fortify has helped us to establish Best Development Practices based on the analysis of architecture and application code, and we will continue to use Fortify software to test all our software to make sure it is secure at all times.”

Parkeon are now on target to move quickly through the audit process that will test that their latest innovative and cutting edge payment systems are secure for the customers waiting to use them.

Gael Barrez, Fortify’s country manager for France, concluded “We are satisfied that using our award winning software, Parkeon will be able to bring to market their excellent and very exciting new secure payment systems on time and on budget.”

Fortify®'s Software Security Assurance products and services protect companies from the threats posed by security vulnerabilities in business–critical software applications. Its software security suite–Fortify 360–drives down costs and security risks by automating key processes of developing and deploying secure applications. Fortify Software's customers include government agencies and FORTUNE 500 companies in a wide variety of industries, such as financial services, healthcare, e–commerce, telecommunications, publishing, insurance, systems integration and information management. The company is backed by world–class teams of software security experts and partners. More information is available at or visit our blog.

Parkeon is a leading player in the field of urban mobility. Thanks to its unique transversal offer in terms of parking and urban transportation payment solutions and to its constant ability to innovate, as shown over its 35 years of experience. A leader in payment and ticketing solutions for parking and urban transport, Parkeon provides integrated parking and transport management solutions for local authorities and private operators.