Mobile data problems? Switch to an encrypted hard drive says Origin

Basingstoke, December 2009 - Research just released by a major IT distributor, claiming to show that just 62 per cent of UK organisations were able to monitor when users copied or moved data from their firm's IT resource onto portable devices, comes as no surprise, says Origin Storage.

"The study claims that around 35 per cent of interviewees noted that their firms were also unable to track how data was being saved to a mobile device," said Andy Cordial, managing director of the storage systems integration specialist.

"Whilst it's interesting note that a sizeable number of organisations have some sort of solution in place to ensure lost or stolen portable devices do not present any risk to the company if they were to fall into the wrong hands, it's clear these guys haven't heard of the latest secure data storage technology," he added.

According to Cordial, as many respondents to the Bell Micro survey noted, most organisations do not have security solutions in place which are 100 per cent effective.

It's therefore hardly surprising that almost a fifth of interviewees described their current security solutions as poor, he explained.

But, the storage systems veteran went on say, PIN-protected portable hard drives are far more effective that the insecure USB sticks that most respondents to the survey were referring to.

Origin's PIN-protected Data Locker - which uses a hardware based encryption chip to seamlessly encrypt and decrypt user data using military grade AES/CBC mode encryption - means that information can be moved around securely and without any worries of interception.

The portable Data Locker, says Cordial, allows companies to store and protect all of their highly sensitive data and is vital piece of equipment for most companies.

The unit, he said, is the first device of its kind with PIN protection and AES hardware encryption.

"As illustrated by this survey, IT users are understandably concerned about the rash of high-profile data losses being reported in the media, and are also worried that their organisations cannot easily log what data is being moved around," he said.

"Using a secure and portable data silo like the Data Locker can secure data that needs to be moved and, since the system is so easy to use, can be employed by almost anyone in an office. If you add in suitable on-network logging software, you have an instant solution to the problems identified by this survey," he added.

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