Fortify Software Launches Hosted Software Security Suite

Fortify on Demand provides integrated static and dynamic security testing for internal and third party applications

London, December 2009 ( Eskenzi PR) – Fortify® Software, the market leader in Software Security Assurance (SSA) solutions, announced today the availability of Fortify on Demand, its comprehensive software security suite delivered via Software-as-a-Service. Fortify on Demand integrates Fortify’s market-leading static analysis technology with dynamic application security testing powered by WhiteHat Security, allowing organizations to assess and remediate security vulnerabilities in applications without installing software on-premise.

“As the number of data breaches resulting from attacks against enterprise applications continues to grow, there is a real need for software security technology that is quick and easy to implement while still providing a thorough assessment of your code,” said Barmak Meftah, Senior Vice President of Products and Technology at Fortify Software. “For many organizations, the task of deploying an enterprise-wide software security program can be daunting. Fortify on Demand offers an easy first step for companies that need to quickly assess their overall risk exposure, from both internal and third party software, and then easily begin to implement a software security program to remediate and prevent vulnerabilities in their code.”

Fortify on Demand integrates source and binary code analysis with web application scanning, focusing on a core set of 90+ vulnerabilities in the most popular applications. Delivered through two solution sets, Enterprise Assessment Management and Vendor Security Management, Fortify on Demand provides enterprises with quick and accurate assessments of both internal and third party software.

“Fortify's technology identifies potential security threats in software through very deep analysis which ensures that the software is safe to deploy and the sensitive data and application behavior cannot be compromised by hackers,” said Anurag Khemka, President & CEO of Rightwave, Inc. “Fortify on Demand is very easy to use and gives great pointers on where a vulnerability is rooted in the code so it can be quickly fixed.”

“One of the most compelling aspects of a SaaS model is how cost effective it is. SaaS-based software security testing technologies allow organizations of any size to effectively jumpstart a software security program and begin eliminating vulnerabilities in their code quickly and easily,” said Jim Routh, former Chief Information Security Officer and security consultant in the financial services industry. “At the same time, larger organizations can utilize hosted testing solutions to increase the size and scope of their existing program and extend software security throughout their business.”

“Security testing as a service is a way for enterprises to reduce upfront costs and to augment limited internal resources when undertaking a software security program,” said Joseph Feiman, Ph.D., research vice president and Gartner Fellow. “This technology area is growing and will have a significant impact on the application security market over the next 12-18 months.”

Fortify on Demand is available now. To register for the product, visit: or to sign up for our webinar, visit:

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