VisionRacer VR3 – Launch Afternoon

by Michael Smith
London, March 31 at the Aston Martin Garage, Mayfair, the UK launch took place of the VisionRacer VR3 took place and I had the privilege to be among the invited guests.

While I am not normally a gamer of any sort – well, bar playing Solitaire and Frozen Bubble and Tetris on the PC – I must say that this is one heck of a gaming device that, with all its components really offers the closest thing to actually physically sitting in a race car and doing the circuits.

What makes it especially, I should think, such a good piece of kit is the quality of the human interface devices, the steering wheel system, the gear changer and the pedals, from Logitech. Logitech is one of the world's leading, if not indeed the world's leading, maker of computer human interface devices, from simple rodents – though there is nothing simple on them – to such as used in the VisionRacer VR3. It is those interface devices from Logitech that make the VR3 such a strong product.

Aside from the use for gaming and the training of future F1 drivers the VR3, I am sure, could also find uses as a driver's training tool for the ordinary drivers as well and especially for police pursuit drivers.

In the simulator setting a lot of things could be done and tested as far as driver's reactions and such that would not, necessarily, safe to so on the roads. Also, if there is a crash nothing gets damaged and no one injured or killed.

Even though, as said, I am not normally someone who indulges too much in computer games and such I would love to, if I just had the space here, to have one of them VisionRacer VR3s at home. And that says a lot for what I think of it.

Brilliant piece of kit and well worth the money.

© M Smith (Veshengro), 2009