Smaller Companies Are Just As Likely To Be Hacked According To Business Crime Reduction Centre

London, UK – April 2009: Infosecurity Adviser, the online community for the information security industry, in association with Infosecurity Europe, has secured an exclusive interview with David Stockdale, the head of the Business Crime Reduction Centre (BCRC), an initiative that seeks to assist SMEs in tackling problems caused by crime.

According to Mike Barwise, blogger for Infosecurity Adviser, the exclusive interview with the BCRC is interesting, since it highlights the efforts the Centre is undertaking to educate SMEs on the topic of crime generally and, of course, cybercrime.

"The Centre is carving out a name for itself as a highly responsive organisation that seeks to listen to what small businesses are looking for on the crime advice front, and provide that service," he said.

"The BCRC has just completed a national survey on SME's attitudes to electronic crime which has revealed that smaller companies are just as likely to be hacked or similarly mistreated by electronic criminals," he added.

"At the same time, however, researchers found that many smaller firms lack the in-house ability to tackle the problem of hacking and other forms of electronic crime."

According to Barwise, it's grass-roots research like this that reveals the real state of cybercrime in the UK, as well as showing the variety of responses that companies take to the problem.

The interview, he says, reveals a worrying lack of understanding about cybercrime in the SME business community, and also highlights the need for education about the problem.
In many ways, he explained, the BCRC interview confirms the reasoning behind the need for educational seminars on cybercrime at major events such as the Infosecurity Show, which takes place in London later in April.

"With survey results showing that 21 per cent of MDs of smaller firms being unaware what IT security resources they have in place, it's clear that a lot of education is needed on the topic of protection from cybercrime," he said.

"It's good to know that the Centre is doing its bit to educate the SME community in this regard, as well as confirming the Infosecurity Europe show plans for a comprehensive education programme at the three day event," he added.

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