Stonewood's HM Government CAPS Accredited Eclypt Range Shown for the first time at Infosecurity Europe

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

28 April 2009, London, UK: The Stonewood Group, the leading hardware encryption technology pioneer, is exhibiting its newly accredited Eclypt Range of products for the first time at this year’s Infosecurity Europe. The hardware encrypted internal drives and USB disks are approved by the British Government for up to Top Secret information, making high level data security available to businesses and consumers alike.

The Eclypt range, which includes internal and external drives, received Her Majesty’s Government CAPS (CESG-Approved Product Scheme) accreditation making Stonewood’s Eclypt range the only CAPS approved USB storage device and the only devices available that reduce the protective marking of data at rest by two levels from Top Secret to Confidential and Secret to Restricted.

Chris McIntosh, Stonewood CEO said, “We are really excited to be exhibiting our newly accredited Eclypt range for the first time. We want to impress on Infosecurity’s delegates that there is no longer any excuse for data loss from any private or public sector organisation at any time because for the first time affordable, accessible, accredited hardware technology is available to all.”

This breakthrough comes at a time when a survey by GFK NoP survey on behalf of the Stonewood Group shows British Public calling for accountability. Eighty-nine per cent of those surveyed felt that negligence leading to data loss should become a criminal offence.
The three-day event attracts visitors from a broad range of industries and is seen as an important date in the calendar for Information Security professionals across Europe.

Let us but hope that the likes of the British government and the military will get some of those in order to secure their data in transit. Up to now it has been more than a joke and Britain is the laughing stock of Europe as far as data security and the government is concerned.

Stonewood can be found at booth H 42 at Infosecurity 2009 from 28 – 30 April 2009, Earls Court, London, UK.

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