RSA Europe 2008 – Conference & Expo

A visit report

by Michael Smith

October 2008 was the first time in its history that the RSA Conference permitted Bloggers access to the conference and expo with the same status as general – for lack of a better word – media. This shows that the on-line media, and here especially Blogs, are finally getting the recognition they deserve also in this field. From a green standpoint Blogs and media on-line is, I am sure, the way to go.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank the team of the press PR company for all their efforts in making us all welcome and especially here Andi and Andrew and the young lady from Australian whose name, unfortunately, has slipped my mind.

At the same time I would like to extend my thanks to the folks that have given me their time to give me, by ways of press briefings and interviews, a deeper insight into the field on computer security, and my thanks here goes especially to Chris Douglas of MXI Security, as well as Nathalie Sutton of ??PR; then to the Billy and Prajackta of HP, to Klaus Gehri of Phion and to the team of Voltage.

Due to the commitments as to interviews, press briefings and such I do not have had, unfortunately, the chance to see and hear all the conference sessions but...

Over the three days of the conference and expo I have met on a face to face basis with a number of reps of the information security industry and we shall visit their stories and other things that I have learned at that conference in the coming weeks and possibly even months, when we shall be returning again and again to the findings, etc. from the RSA Europe 2008, for there is so much that must be communicated to you, the readers of the ICT Review.

I just hope that I am not going to scare anyone with the stories and the information that I shall be sharing with you.

Many of the readers may possibly get rather scared and concerned when they will read some of what I have learned at the RAS Europe 2008 and which I am going to share with you. Hopefully, though, it will rather wake people up.

The Web, while its benefits, more than likely, I am sure, outweigh its disadvantages, problems and outright dangers, is a dangerous place and this especially to the unwary and to those that have no protection. So, let's be careful out there!

© M Smith (Veshengro), November 2008