IBM, Microsoft And The World’s ‘Greenest’ PCs Finalise The Line-Up For Green IT Expo 2008

‘Sustainable Computing for Responsible Businesses’

4th and 5th November 2008, Barbican Exhibition Centre, London

Green IT Expo 2008, the UK’s first free-to-attend event focusing on sustainable computing, has finalised its complimentary educational programme, including a world-class line-up of speakers from both sides of the Atlantic. The latest confirmed keynotes come from the Chief Technology Officer at IBM, Steve Bowden and the Director of Development Platform Evangelism at Microsoft, Mark Taylor.

Bowden will be looking closely at the competitive pressures, global economic outlooks and challenges to stay green that are impacting every business. The keynote will also explore the means of reducing and controlling rising energy costs, improving speed and data centre security. During his keynote, Taylor will delve into how to change the perception of environmentally aware technology and the ways the IT industry can help other businesses meet their green goals and targets.

Green IT Expo 2008 is set to be the primary forum for showcasing the ‘greenest’ in sustainable computing in the UK this year, with sponsors including VeryPC and Akhter Computers, exhibiting the very latest in energy efficient technology. Both VeryPC’s Janus 2 server and Fulwood PC will be available for public viewing for the first time at Green IT Expo. The high performance Dual Core 2.5GHz Fulwood is currently the world’s most energy efficient dual core desktop PC, consuming only 17.4W when on, less than 1W in standby and less than 1.8W when in sleep mode. The Fulwood conforms to the draft of the energy star 5.0 qualification coming in next year. VeryPC recently announced that it will be giving away Janus 2 servers to data centre customers in exchange for a percentage of the energy savings created and the old servers for recycling.

“Many people are in disbelief that there is a server available that is as fast and powerful as a regular one but that uses half the electricity,” says Managing Director of VeryPC, Peter Hopton. “The most popular common server has operational CO2 emissions similar to that of a 4x4 travelling 10,000KM per year, whereas the VeryPC equivalent is similar to that of a Toyota Prius travelling the same distance. It is the first time such an initiative has been done with servers and we hope that by offering free servers to businesses, we will be able to have a real influence in helping to reduce global carbon emissions.”

LoCO2PC from Akhter Computers will see its first public outing at Green IT Expo 2008. LoCO2PC is a low energy PC that uses just 55W in normal use and qualifies under Europe’s stringent Energy Star 4.0 qualification. In sleep mode, the PC uses just 3W of power and empowers companies to reduce their carbon footprint by up to five tonnes and save an estimated £100 to £200 a year on power bills.

Delegates at Green IT Expo 2008 will learn about the most common challenges faced when implementing a more sustainable computing policy, as well as the ultimate benefits – increased operational efficiency, lower energy costs, widespread recognition as a ‘greener’ organisation and the short, medium and long term impact on the bottom line. Delegates will also be invited to take part in a variety of breakout sessions, hosted by event sponsors including IBM, Adobe, Infor, Akhter, VeryPC, 1E, AEA, Ricoh, Kyocera, Sun Microsystems, VirtualizeIT and Microsoft. Green IT Expo 2008 is organised by one of the UK’s leading providers of focused business forums, Revolution Events, in collaboration with the global Climate Savers Computing Initiative, a non-profit group of eco-conscious consumers, businesses and conservation organisations.

Green IT Expo 2008 takes place on the 4th and 5th November 2008, at the London Barbican Exhibition Centre. Attendance is free of charge. For further information, the full programme and to register as a delegate, please visit

Source: MCC International