Yet another USB stick lost by British government agency

by Michel Smith

London, September 15, 2008: The Home Office has this evening announced that one of its police forces – believed to be the West Midlands Force – has lost a data memory stick with sensitive data.

While the Home Office refuses to comment as to the contents of the memory stick it is believe to contain sensitive information of anti-terrorist operations. When you thought it could not get an y worse, apparently it can. One of these days, as I said in the previous piece, the luck will run out and someone is going to use the data against this country and its people.

The more we hear of such losses the more a sense of deja vu overcomes me and the more I want to scream at this people to, at least, have hardware encrypted sticks on which to carry the data. It is NOT rocket science and they are easily available. I have reviewed a few of them by now.

Maybe someone should point the government agencies into the direction of this journal and the reviews done by yours truly. They might just get the idea, but then again, they still may not. I am beginning to lose confidence that this government can actually learn how to deal with sensitive data of any kind.

© M Smith (Veshengro), September 2008