Parkeon keep Hackers at Bay with Application Security Software

Fortify Software Chosen by Parkeon to keep Hackers at Bay

(Eskenzi PR) – Parkeon, one of the world’s largest parking and transport management solution providers who are present in 40 countries, has announced that they are using Fortify Software’s expertise to check their latest state of the art electronic ticketing solutions to ensure their software is secure and vulnerability free. The ticketing systems and software which have been designed and built in-house are using Fortify’s award winning software and expertise to ensure that when they go to market, their systems meet the stringent compliancy standards and recent regulations such as PCIDSS and PADSS.

Parkeon are world renowned for their parking and transport management solutions, and have developed over 150 software systems, process 550,000 payment transactions per month and centrally monitor 21,000 terminals. It was therefore essential that at the very early stages of designing their latest electronic ticketing and transaction product that the developers were building stringent and secure software, with code that was watertight, free of flaws and would prevent any future hacking incident or breaches. Fortify’s expertise was engaged very early on in the development process as it was a natural choice being the application security and testing provider chosen by government, the forces such as the US Air force, many of the major banks such as ABN-AMBRO and JP Morgan, and many of the Fortune 500 companies.

Parkeon are now on target to move quickly through the audit process that will test that their latest innovative and cutting edge payment systems are secure for the customers waiting to use them.

Luc Porchon, at Parkeon, said “We have clients all around the world who currently use our products and the market has needed a reliable and secure payment system. We decided in order to provide one that we trusted and would be up to the demands and scrutiny that our clients required, we would need to design and build it in-house. With the latest compliancy regulations it was imperative from the very early stages that our software was secure and bug free. Using Fortify’s expertise to test our software right at the code development stage for vulnerabilities and then removing those flaws has been essential in getting our product to market on time. We will continue to use Fortify software to test all our software to make sure it is secure at all times.”

Gael Barrez, Country Manager for France, said “For the last 3 months we have been consulting with Parkeon to check and scrutinize their software to make sure that it gets through the stringent standards expected of the latest PCIDSS and PADSS standards.

Our latest software can quickly and easily check all code at source to test for flaws and then seal any vulnerabilities which is what most common hackers are looking for in order to breach the system. We are satisfied that using our award winning software, Parkeon will be able to bring to market their excellent and very exciting new secure payment systems on time and on budget.”

Fortify®'s Software Security Assurance products and services protect companies from the threats posed by security vulnerabilities in business–critical software applications. Its software security suite–Fortify 360–drives down costs and security risks by automating key processes of developing and deploying secure applications. Fortify Software's customers include government agencies and FORTUNE 500 companies in a wide variety of industries, such as financial services, healthcare, e–commerce, telecommunications, publishing, insurance, systems integration and information management. The company is backed by world–class teams of software security experts and partners.

Parkeon is a key player in urban mobility. Thanks to the wide-ranging services it offers, which are unique in terms of parking and transport management, Parkeon is today present in 40 countries. Its capacity for continual innovation has been displayed throughout its 35 year history. Parkeon systems and equipment facilitate management and mobility in over 3000 towns and cities. The leader in ticketing and systems for parking and transport payment, Parkeon employs more than 1100 staff around the world and registered a turnover of 176 million euros in 2008. Based in Europe, the company is present in France, where its head office is located, in Australia, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK, and in the USA. It relies on an international network of partners to cover other markets.