SecureFlash by Insight Promotions – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

This is one of the cheapest encrypted drives that I have reviewed so far. It is manufactured in the Far East, that is to say, China, but what is not those days.

The setup of the drive was extremely simple and only took a few minuted. Changing the password from the master, which in this case is “password” to a new one is very simple and easy too.

The encryption engine is by encryptX® and work extremely well, though, as the great majority of those devices, with MS Window only. We still need working devices of this kind on Linux.

While it is indeed true that Ironkey® now comes with Linux support, including Ubuntu from version Haughty Heron upwards, the great majority of encryption engines do not, as yet, work out of the box with Linux.

Unlike most, if not indeed all, hardware encrypted USB, and other drives, the files are hidden until the drive is opened by the encryption engine, here they can be seen – even the description of them – but they cannot be opened without the password, however.

encryptX®, a BeCompliant Company, provides encryption and compliance solutions that protect data, devices, and email communications. Over 100 large corporations, thousands of small/medium businesses, numerous government agencies, and 20 million consumers worldwide use encryptX products to secure their devices, data and email.

Could this stick be hacked. Probably, but then again there is no 100% security. Total and absolute security is an illusion, though many fall prey to that idea that it is a fact.

For the little price tag that this drive has got – just a little above a normal unencrypted drive – this is a good option for those that want some high enough degree of security and encryption for their removable discs without, necessarily, wanting to fork out for the likes of Cruzer Enterprise from Sandisc or Blockmaster Safestick (both in the 30 GBP range with the 1GB drives) or higher, such as Ironkey.

The devices at the higher price range do offer additional stuff such as device control, etc., that you do not get with this encrypted drive but then again you get what you pay for in many cases and here you get a basic 256 AES hardware encrypted UBS drive which, from the make, I assume to be a MLC device, for a good price.

One other thing that is different from all other AES 256 hardware encrypted drives that I have handles so far – aside from the Kingston Data Traveler VAULT where the vault is launched as and when – the SecureFlash drive from Insight Promotions does not launch and mount two drives. There is just one. How that is achieved I do not know but, I must say I like it.

To recap, the device is easy to use, sets up very fast and simple, launches quickly and, while the files are visible, encrypts those on the fly. Great secure drive for the price conscious. Maybe we could sell the British government a few thousand of them.

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