Finjan Blocks New Zero-Day Attack on Microsoft Video ActiveX Control

Farnborough, United Kingdom – July 2009 (Eskenzi PR) - Cybercriminals are targeting yet another vulnerability in Microsoft product - the Microsoft Video ActiveX Control. The zero-day vulnerability that was found can be exploited via a malformed Web page.

The attack, that was already spotted in the wild, enables remote code execution (RCE) on the targeted machine. By exploiting this vulnerability cybercriminals are inserting a data-stealing Trojan to the victim’s machine.

For more information about this zero-day attack and a snapshot of the actual code visit Finjan’s blog at:

Microsoft has just released an Advisory about this vulnerability:

Microsoft is currently working to develop a security update for Windows to address this vulnerability.

Web security products utilizing real-time code analysis technologies are the preferred solution to block such 0-day attacks. Yuval Ben-Itzhak, Finjan CTO explains, “Finjan customers are protected from this zero-day attack as Finjan’s Vital Security Web Gateway is able to detect the exploit and block the attack without prior knowledge of the specific technique.”

Finjan’s MCRC specializes in the detection, analysis and research of web threats, including Crimeware, Web 2.0 attacks, Trojans and other forms of malware. Our goal is to be steps ahead of hackers and cybercriminals, who are attempting to exploit flaws in computer platforms and applications for their profit. In order to protect our customers from the next Crimeware wave and emerging malware and attack vectors, Finjan MCRC is a driving force behind the development of Finjan's next generation of security technologies used in our unified Secure Web Gateway solutions. For more information please also visit our info center and blog.

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