Tufin Technologies supports Rt Hon David Blunkett's security observations

Tufin Technologies voices support for Rt Hon David Blunkett's security observations at Infosecurity Europe

Infosecurity Europe 2009 - Tufin Technologies voices support for Rt Hon David Blunkett MP's security observations at Infosecurity Europe.

Tufin Technologies, the leading provider of Security Lifecycle Management solutions, has voiced its support for the comments of the Right Honourable David Blunkett, MP, the former Home Secretary, at the Infosecurity Europe show this week.

"Mr Blunkett's observations that there is woeful lack of awareness of cybercrime issues amongst companies and the population at large mirrors our own experiences," said Reuven Harrison, Tufin's chief technology officer.

"His additional observations that, whilst a raft of legislation to tackle electronic crime exists, many companies are unaware of the legislation's existence," also rings true," he added.

According to Harrison, despite considerable moves by the Government to educate companies and individuals on the subject of e-crime, UK industry's understanding of the risks involved still has a long way to go before companies can be said to understand the issues involved.

It's for this reason, he explained, that Tufin is supporting Mr Blunkett in his call for a more coherent and joined-up approach by the public and private sector in tackling the cybercrime education issue.

There is also, he said, a need for companies involved in the development of, and customisation of, applications software, to undertake a fundamental review of the way they approach code development from an audit and compliance perspective.

Mr Blunkett's observations that the existence of e-crime legislation has passed many companies by, he added, is reflected in the fact that many firms fail to include IT security - as an audit concept - in the software development and ongoing lifecycle side of their business.

"The fact that cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated is, as Mr Blunkett says, a danger for the economic, commercial and political life of the UK," he said.

"More education, rather than more legislation, therefore needs to be carried out if the UK PLC is to weather this threat which becomes ever more powerful as the technology that drives it continues to mature," he added.

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Yvonne Eskenzi, Eskenzi PR