New In-Line product doubles network throughput


ANDOVER, Massachusetts, May 2009 – Napatech has launched a new product line addressing In-line network analysis applications with the release of the NT20E In-line Adapter. The NT20E In-line Adapter is the first PCI Express Network Adapter to provide genuine 10 Gbps line-rate processing, analysis and transmission of network traffic with zero packet loss for any packet size.

The NT20E In-line Adapter is ideal for OEM network appliance vendors in the network performance monitoring, network test, network security, financial trading and policy enforcement markets, especially those, which require full 10 Gbps throughput and application acceleration. While standard network adapters provide 10 Gbps ports, the effective amount of data sent or received through the port is actually less than 5 Gbps in typical operation. With the NT20E In-line Adapter, this limitation is now removed with full 10 Gbps throughput on all ports. This is important for many network analysis applications which are now facing challenges in handling 10 Gbps traffic.

“Networks are migrating to 10 Gbps to cope with the increased user demand for bandwidth from voice, video and Internet hosted applications. The ability to monitor 10Gbps traffic in-line at full line rate provides a number of advantages. It enables network monitoring and security functions to be centralized in the core of the network for ease of management as a complement or replacement for multiple monitoring points at the edge of the network. It also makes these types of solutions more affordable for enterprises that could not justify a large number of edge monitoring points. This is important as accurate traffic analysis, network forensics and network security are fast becoming mandatory requirements for all enterprises”, said John Barr, Research Director, Financial Markets, The 451 Group.

“Napatech was the first company to provide full line rate capture and real-time analysis at 10 Gbps with zero packet loss. With the NT20E In-line Adapter we are now extending this capability and our rich feature set to In-line applications, which require both full line-rate reception and transmission at 10 Gbps. This is important for many network appliance applications, which are having difficulty operating at full line rate without losing packets. With our In-line adapters, full line rate is possible enabling our OEM customers to continue to support the transition from 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps networks and the growing need for higher performance”, said Erik Norup, President, Napatech Inc.

Napatech adapters provide more than just full throughput; they also include a number of intelligent features designed to off-load data traffic processing from server CPUs, such as packet classification, packet tagging and filtering and intelligent distribution of traffic processing on multiple CPU cores. Other functions include efficient capture with nanosecond precision time-stamping. An extensive software suite is provided for ease of integration supporting Linux, FreeBSD and Windows.

Napatech is a leading OEM supplier of multi-port 10 GbE and multi-port 1 GbE intelligent real-time network analysis adapters. The core idea is to off-load real-time/streaming protocol, payload analysis and control applications traditionally implemented in software or proprietary hardware. Napatech expects a huge growth in the demand for intelligent real-time analysis adapters as Ethernet speeds increase. Napatech has sales, marketing and R&D offices in Mountain View, California, Andover, Massachusetts, and Copenhagen, Denmark.

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