Australian government plans to block illegal sites

Finjan gives thumbs up to Aussie plan to block illegal sites

Farnborough, United Kingdom, December 2008 - Finjan, a leading provider of secure web gateway solutions for the enterprise market, has given a "thumbs up" signal to Australian plans to block access to thousands of Web sites with illegal content.

"The game plan is for Australian ISPs to be mandated to block access to Web sites containing illegal content such as child pornography or terrorist materials," said Yuval Ben-Itzhak, Finjan's CTO.

“I would also recommend the Australian government includes in this plan actions against ISPs and other Web hosting companies that allow cybercriminals to host their command and control servers and distribute malware.” says Ben-Itzhak.

A recent example from the US indicates that the global spam levels have dropped by as much as 75 per cent following the shutdown of a US web host that provided the backbone for most of the world's spam - This action turned to be very efficient and quick comparing to identifying each of the cybercriminals individually.

Finjan's quarterly trends reports, he said, have consistently shown that the volume and variety of malware on the Internet has been climbing steadily. This means that any move which seeks to limit access to those sites containing malicious code and other sources of malware infection can only do good as far as business Internet users are concerned.

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Source: Eskenzi PR Ltd.