ProDefence Releases Enterprise Software Solution for VMware Virtual Server Backups

iBac VIP Simplifies ESX Server and Virtual Machine Backup

Worthing—December 2008—ProDefence, a UK distributor of eSecurity products and services across the UK and Ireland, announced today that they will be launching an enterprise backup solution for VMware virtual servers. iBac Virtual Infrastructure Proxy (iBac VIP) is designed and manufactured by Idealstor, leaders in removable disk-to-disk backup solutions to offer an easy to use and affordable solution for backing up data in a VMware virtual server.

iBac VIP has been written from the ground up with VMware backup in mind and is designed specifically for VMware virtual machines running in an ESX server environment. VIP is licensed per ESX server regardless of the number of virtual machines or processors running on the ESX server. This enables companies to quickly add new VMs without having to worry about purchasing additional backup agents for each virtual server.

iBac VIP ties into the VCB framework provided by VMware. Because of this, the load from running backups is removed from the ESX server and offloaded to a dedicated 2003 backup server. This ensures that backups will not put a large load on the ESX server which can affect the performance of virtual machines. VIP can backup data residing on a fibre channel or iSCSI SAN or can backup data directly from the ESX server over the LAN. VIP offers a simple user interface that provides scheduling, logging email reporting and the ability to backup multiple ESX servers on the LAN or in remote data centers.

Because iBac VIP is designed to run on a Windows 2003 Server, VIP can be tightly integrated into Idealstor’s range of removable disk backup solutions. This enables VIP jobs to be sent straight to the Idealstor removable drive bays which can then be sent offsite in place of tape for offsite storage and disaster recovery. While it is not required to use Idealstor equipment as the VIP proxy server, the Idealstor Backup Appliance comes pre-loaded with Windows 2003 Server enabling this one solution to eliminate the need of having to use a separate server, tape library and backup software to backup VMware virtual machines.

“iBac was originally released in 2005 with the goal of offering an easy to use yet robust backup application for Windows servers”, said Ross Holmes, Sales Manager of Prodefence the UK based distributor of Idealstor “Over the years our clients have increasingly migrated to VMware and reached out to us to help them with their virtual server backups. Rather than Idealstor simply modifying their existing software for use with VMware like most software companies have done, they have developed VIP from the ground up with the unique requirements of VMware in mind. Because VIP is licensed per ESX server, licensing is less complicated and is far more affordable than having to purchase expensive and resource consuming backup agents for each VM.”

ProDefence is a UK distributor of eSecurity products and services throughout the UK and Ireland. ProDefence offers the highest level of account management and technical support within the security channel.

Idealstor manufactures removable/ejectable disk backup systems that are designed to augment or completely replace tape as backup and offsite storage media. The Idealstor Backup Appliance has been on the market for over 5 years offering a fast, reliable and portable alternative to tape based backup systems. Each Idealstor system uses industry standard SATA disk as the target for backup data and as offsite media. Systems range from 1 removable drive up to 8 and can be used by a range of businesses from SMB to corporate data centers. Disk capacities mirror that of the major SATA manufacturers. Uncompressed capacities of 200GB, 320GB, 400GB, 500GB, 750GB, 1TB and 1.5TB are currently available.

Source: Yvonne Eskenzi - PR for ProDefence