Brocade Network Monitoring Service Improves Data Availability and Efficiency

Provides Customers a Secure, Highly Reliable Remote Monitoring, Alerting, and Reporting Service for Their Data Centre Fabrics—Optimising Resources and Enabling Infrastructure Growth without Hiring

Brocade® has announced the next-generation Brocade Network Monitoring Service (NMS), which provides organisations with an end-to-end remote monitoring, alerting, and reporting service for their data centre fabrics. Brocade NMS now provides 24×7 expert end-to-end monitoring about the health and status of data centre fabrics to help maximise network efficiency, availability, and uptime. Moreover, Brocade NMS provides organisations with valuable information and rules-based business intelligence to maximise application availability and optimise data centre resources. Through this service, IT organisations can better manage growing and increasingly complex data centre infrastructures with their current staff.

“Managed services are one of the fastest-growing segments of the storage services market,” said Gartner Storage Services Principal Analyst Adam Couture. “Gartner anticipates that in a weakened economy this should accelerate as IT departments are asked to do more with less and may have headcounts frozen or even reduced.”

According to Gartner’s 2008 CIO survey, business intelligence is a top technology priority. Brocade NMS helps fulfil that need by providing deeper business intelligence, enabling organisations to make faster and more-informed decisions. Brocade NMS does this by integrating expertise from knowledgeable storage and networking professionals with a comprehensive monitoring approach, advanced event management, and predictive diagnostic techniques. This integration can help reduce overall problem resolution time by almost one hour per event, resulting in decreased downtime costs and increased productivity to subscribers.

In addition to 24×7 monitoring, Brocade NMS collects and analyses a wide variety of performance, utilisation, and throughput data. Real-time alerts warn administrators of networking issues, bottlenecks, or potential system outages, thereby enabling proactive action to minimise or avoid an impact to application performance and availability. Real-time and historical data and flexible reports are generated automatically and are available via a secure Web portal. As a result, organisations can analyse historical trends, optimise resource utilisation and cost-effectively plan future capacity.

New features of Brocade NMS include:
· Expanded monitoring and reporting from extension devices into the data centre across all Brocade products and many third-party products, creating an end-to-end view of the data centre fabric.

· A flexible new architecture that enables policy-based monitoring, event correlation, and “yellow light” alerts to increase business intelligence and enable a more proactive approach.

· An infrastructure that provides faster, more reliable access, as well as enhanced security. An enhanced reporting platform provides real-time and historical performance information along with flexible, customisable reports and data views to meet specific requirements.

· More precise fault determination across the data centre fabric for faster resolution and increased ability to meet application SLAs.

“The newly enhanced Brocade NMS helps customers get the most value from their data centre network investments and ensures that under-staffed IT resources can focus on the business,” said Hugues Meyrath, Vice President and General Manager of Brocade Global Services. “Through constant monitoring and reporting, Brocade NMS helps ensure that our customers’ data centre networks are running optimally and that applications and data are readily available to users.”

Brocade is a leading provider of data center networking solutions that help organizations connect, share, and manage their information in the most efficient manner. Organizations that use Brocade products and services are better able to optimize their IT infrastructures and ensure compliant data management. For more information, visit the Brocade Web site at or contact the company at

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Source: Spreckley Partners