Glasgow City Council latest convert to Solcara’s Spotlight solution


Solcara’s Spotlight product has been adopted by Glasgow City Council to provide its press office with an efficient, fast, accurate and now indispensable media service.

Solcara, the market-leading provider of software for the control, management and searching of digital information, sees Spotlight consistently deployed by communications teams in need of protecting and enhancing their reputation. Spotlight ensures the efficient and auditable collection, management and distribution of time sensitive information.

Chris Starrs, PR Manager for Glasgow City Council, said: “Glasgow City Council's Public Relations department is one of the busiest press offices in Scotland and rarely a day goes by that we are not in the national media. This product has given us a way to respond efficiently and consistently to media calls. It allows press officers to be on top of a whole range of issues which are critical to our reputation, particularly when called out-of-hours. It's a fantastic tool and staff now wonder how they ever coped with it.”

Rob Martin, Managing Director of Solcara, said: “Solcara Spotlight has been deployed in many of the UK’s largest press offices, and we are delighted to partner with Glasgow City Council. Solcara is already well placed in Scotland with Edinburgh City Council, Argyll & Bute Council and Inverclyde Council on board, making Glasgow City Council an attractive option.”

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Source: College Hill