Solcara’s simultaneous retrieval technology at Olswang

Leading UK law firm, Olswang, has deployed Solcara SolSearch to provide a comprehensive legal search tool to service the information management needs of its team of 600 staff. SolSearch creates a speedy one-stop search for all internal and internet based content, simultaneously accessing free-to-air and subscription-based Internet search sources.

Amanda Mckenzie, Information Services Manager at Olswang said:

“At Olswang we have utilised SolSearch to search across our internal and external legal databases at the same time. This was a much needed tool. It saves time as users no longer need to know where to look for information as they have one point of contact, which can then lead them to the individual databases. Search in itself is not the answer to all of one's information needs but it is a cog in a wheel and this is an extremely effective cog in the wheel.”

Rob Martin, Solcara’s Managing Director added,

“SolSearch is fast becoming the search solution of choice for UK & Irish law firms. Solcara has been serving the needs of information management professionals for nearly 10 years. As Olswang discovered, SolSearch provides a simple, effective solution that supports the information management process quickly and efficiently, whilst complementing the usefulness of existing information management systems.”