Gateshead Council deploys Solcara Communications Centre

Gateshead Council has deployed Solcara’s Communications Centre software within its media operations. The software package allows organisations of any size to co-ordinate, manage and benefit from easy control of news and information.

Gateshead joins the growing number of local government offices using Communications Centre to help manage media relations. The key benefits of the package are that it greatly helps Communications teams to measure the success of campaigns for public perception and positive media coverage.

Solcara Communications Centre provides the team with one area in which all their vital information is easily accessible for sharing, distribution and evaluation, producing a faster, more efficient press office. The Gateshead team also use PR Newswire’s Media Atlas service and Communications Centre allows this service to link directly into the contact management module, allowing them to import and manage contacts automatically, seamlessly combining these vital press office tools.

Sam Reed, Media Manager, Gateshead Council said:

“Solcara Communications Centre means we can work more effectively as a team and we can log and monitor all our work. It has a fantastic search facility and it’s really flexible too. We’ve been able to customise it to our needs. As part of the process we looked at a million other products and Solcara Communications Centre was the solution that covered most of our requirements. Now, we couldn’t work without it”.

Solcara Media Centre is used by hundreds of press officers nationwide for media relations, internal communications, campaign and event management, incident management and team and agency management.

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