Your Laptop and Your Health - Product Review on LapGardTM

We hear a great deal at times about the possible dangers from the heat and now also the WiFi radiation from using a laptop, well, on the lap. While there is nothing proven as yet to whether or not and it all may be false alarms and scare stories even, with the exception of the heat and burn issue, who is willing to take the chance.

I do know that one or the other reader is going to, yet again, tell me that I do not write review but ads when I do reviews, may I stress again that there is more than one way in which to write a review and I have been writing reviews for rather a long time by now.

So, back to the situation in hand.

I personally stopped using my old Toshiba Satellite laptop on my lap not because of heath fears, to start with, and I am too old by now to worry about fertility anyways, but simply because even through jeans it was very hot prior to, eventually, the fan kicking in. If I want my legs burnt from a laptop I might put one on my lap but only then. Otherwise I rather won't do that. Therefore, if and when I needed to use mine on my lap and had no other choice I had devised my own “lap desk” from light metal. This is and was not an ideal solution but it kept the heat off.

As one computer geek in a store told me once: those things are not really meant to sit directly on your lap. Aside from the heat that they radiate and that might burn you the lack of air circulation while they rest on your lap also can cause damage to the PC itself. Cheers, pal!

Now Amps International Ltd. has come up with what, to me, appears to be the perfect solution: namely the LapGardTM.

LapGardTM is a laptop protection heat absorber, which will protect the user from potentially dangerous heat penetration. It has a multi-core construction which prevents electro-magnetic aves and radiation, potential causes of low male fertility, amongst other health hazards, coming into contact with the user's body.

LapGardTM is simple to use and is constructed from a unique combination of materials. It comes in an attractive leather-look finish and has an adjustable spacer bar with Velcro tabs that holds the laptop to sit comfortably and securely while at the same time allowing for proper ventilation of the laptop at all times.

LapGardTM is lightweight and very convenient to carry, as it easily fits into a laptop case.

LapGard comes in four sizes to suit 12” - 15.5” laptops and is priced from £19.99 and available from

I was given a review sample on the Health & Safety 08 Exhibition, which was held from February 26-27, 2008 at Sandown Park Racecourse, Esher, Surrey, which fits the old Toshiba of mine lovely and I can but endorse everything that is said by the company as to this little device. What I would just like to add is that, in my view, it should come as standard equipment with every laptop case.

© Michael Smith (Veshengro), March 2008