Open Office 2.0.2. & 2.0.4 issues...

I did promise that I was going to contact them and a couple of days ago I have finally gotten a reply of sorts from Open Office.Org (nothing from Sun Microsystems itself as yet) but must say that the reply leaves much to be desired...

I quote:

Please, subscribe to the list from

We also have a support project, , which
lists free community support as well as commercial support.

And, try our set up guide,

Sophie Gautier
OOo Community member


Honest, I do not need to be pointed to the setup guide and it would not be very helpful for anyone expecting something to work “out of the box”, so to speak. It is, therefore, not surprising, that the majority of people stick with “commercial” programs, thinking to get a better service there. The open source community must improve its “customer relations” for sure, if we ever hope that the general user will switch to open source software.

This is not going to make me stop using Open Office or open source software but I will be sticking with Open office 2.0.0. until such a time that I can find an updated version that works well with my setup. I do love Open Office 2.0.0 so far and am even using the writer more nowadays than I do MS WORD 2000.

If any of our readers have similar problems with Open Office 2.0.2 or 2.0.4 and have lost their working copy of Open Office that worked for them we are happy to make available copies of Open CD 3.1 which contains Open Office 2.0.0, the version that works absolutely fine with my setup now and always has done so, available at cost and a little donation towards the work of the Romani Institute.

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