I Need A New PC...

...is what I hear people say so very often, stressing the NEED bit.

When one inquires as to why the NEED a new computer they invariably reply that their current PC is OBSOLETE because processors are now this and that and that fast and their old on is a little slower.

Asked then as to whether they can no longer do all the things they need to do on their old PC the answer normally is that they still can do everything very well and that their PC is still doing all the work they need and want it to do. So, then I want to ask, “why they do they think they need a NEW PC” which, theoretically, next week will be obsolete yet again.

The truth is, and that is what I am trying to say here, that you do not, for ordinary work, have to have the fastest super-fast processor in your PC. If it works do NOT replace it.

The same, basically, applies as to upgrades of the Operating System, to some degree. It is a shame though that the likes of Microsoft insist that they have to remove support from Operating Systems, like they did, recently with Windows 98SE, that for some people still was performing well, and the OS that was based on 98SE, namely ME, and have now – or are doing so – also with Windows 2000, so I understand.

We all, I am sure know, that this is all a ploy by them to be able to sell new operating systems, such as XP and the new Vista. The latter which is still basically outlawed, and I kid you not, by most public bodies in the UK and the USA, such as government offices ad police agencies. The FBI will not permit it on its machines, so I understand, for the next couple of years at least, and the same is the policy with the UK government, central and local. The same holds true for Internet Explorer 7. In some local authorities that I know of in the UK it is a disciplinary offense to install IE7 on your desk PC in your office.

Their security guys have ruled both unsafe, for the moment at least. So much for the Vista hype.

I know the rumor has it that in due course – the next couple of years – Microsoft is going to remove support from Windows XP in order to force Vista onto the users.

Well, if and when that happens, I guess it is time to completely migrate over to Linux for I am sure that by that time all websites will be completely Firefox compatible and will no longer in any way, shape or form, require Internet Explorer.

Again, before I digress completely; there is no need to get a new PC in most cases. Upgrades of the internal hardware, sometimes is a good idea, such as fitting more RAM, that is to say more memory, to the PC and also, where possible some more USB ports (sockets). But a new machines is in most cases not a necessity and I would always advise against it for the ordinary user and even for the non-profit organizations.

Aside from the cost to the budget there is the cost to the environment that we must consider.

So, do not buy a new one unless your present PC really can no longer perform the tasks that you need it for or it has given up its ghost proper.

© Michael Smith (Veshengro), December 2007