Security Audit and Penetration Testing Just Got Better

It’s free for starters

London, 2nd November 2010: Idappcom Ltd - the data traffic analysis and security specialist, today announced the release of a freeware version of its popular Traffic IQ Pro security audit and penetration testing product. As the replay functions are, in the main, exactly as in the fully licensed version, including the graphical user interface (GUI), users will experience and benefit from a product that has been developed over several years without spending a penny.

A major advantage for any potential user of Traffic IQ Pro is that they can download and familiarise themselves with the freeware version, at their own pace, and evaluate all the functionality of the modules that are included before converting to a full licence. As the application learning curve is in the freeware usage period, which will not expire regardless of how long it takes, time to benefit following investment is massively reduced.

In addition to increased functionality and access to an ever growing traffic file library (currently 3,800+ files), upgrading to the fully licensed version also offers the user additional modules that can be added, opening up the security rules functionality, a monthly update of security rules for each traffic file, and instant fix for any issues identified. Plus a scripting engine that, amongst other functions, conducts scanning and full penetration testing against vulnerable hosts.

Ray Bryant, CEO at Idappcom explains, “Users of other, older, freeware technology products rely on a community to continue to develop its functionality which often means quality and development is restricted due to pressures from their day jobs. Considerable effort would be needed to ‘catch up’ on the many years of commercial development program, and to create a graphical user interface equal in functionality, to that of Freeware Traffic IQ. If you currently use another freeware you can switch to Freeware Traffic IQ and still keep all the same pcaps that you’ve always used. As a supported, maintained and developed product with Freeware Traffic IQ you’ll continue to get all the development features of the freeware version functions without spending a penny.”

Traffic IQ replay has many advantages over other freeware products like tcREPLAY AND TOMAHAWK which are clear right from the start. These include :

  • Simple to Use GUI interface, no need for the command line
  • Traffic IQ freeware retains the familiar windows view and the simple select point and run operation.
  • Traffic IQ freeware will give users an immediate benefit in the time other products take to set-up and run
  • Ability to modify packets to simulate any device
  • Bi-Directional transmission at a click
  • Support for port translation
  • An upgrade path to the full product and ability to access 3,800 plus traffic files (growing by 50 per month) plus access to the latest Security Rules that enhance the existing IPS/IDS device

Should a Traffic IQ freeware user wish to upgrade to the full functionality of the licensed version, and its extensive traffic file library, they simply purchase a key, the traffic file library and subscribe to the traffic file updates. As Traffic IQ is modular clients purchase only what they want when they want.

Idappcom recommends an online demonstration of its product, also offered FOC, with one of its technical experts. From this short investment of time users receive basic training, providing a kick start in the learning process.

Idappcom Ltd. is a private UK registered company founded in 2004. Its objectives are to provide excellence in the field of IT security and application security and management. Its main product, Traffic IQ, is a vulnerability assessment tool and has wide acceptance with security professionals throughout the world. Clients include major security appliance vendors, independent appliance testers, Military establishments, Telecomms companies and various others across a broad range of industries.

Source: Eskenzi PR