Microsoft criticizes its competition on YouTube

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Epsom, UK, 10/15/2010: Some days ago Microsoft's Office Division made public on YouTube a video in which they list one supposed disadvantage of after the other.

They claim that Oracle's free office product,, is incompatible, insecure and slow and that it would be no alternative for firms and other businesses to the Microsoft Office-Suite.

In this video Microsoft's Office Division claims the free office to be entirely incompatible, insecure and way too slow. For the professional use in businesses they claim that the free Open-Source solution is entirely useless, as, because of the lack of support and the unreliability high additional costs would arise.

In the three-minute long film selected representatives of a variety of companies are cited who, so it is claimed, after the installation of OpenOffice were forced, because of disappointment, to switch over to the to be paid for Microsoft Office software.

Mostly mention is made of so supposed additional costs which are supposedly caused by the implementation of Open Source software solutions.

“First we used Open Office, based upon Linux systems, in order to save money. We found soon, however, that the exorbitant costs and the extremely limited available support, left us worse off than before,” claims, for example, James Fleminf, of the American company “Speedy Hire”.

An estimated 25% extra time would be needed in order to install and maintain Open Office based systems, claimed David Sterling, IT manager of Central Scotland Police. Even a teacher is quoted as saying that pupils who handed in a document converted with for grading and who, as a result, and how could it be different, received worse grades. With use of Microsoft Word or Excel this could and would not have happened, they claim.

After the video had been put up on YouTube and the first critics had countered the claims made as not being objective enough it was removed from YouTube. In the meantime, however, Microsoft has put it back up, in, so I understand, the same way as it was before.

Having been using for years now I can but say that I find it easier to use than MS Word (and other MS Office products) and there is absolutely no compatibility issue. In fact all documents convert to without any problems whatsoever, whether MS Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Just a shame that MS often does not allow for proper back-conversion.

It is also a shame that the likes of Avery and others still only make their templates available for MS Word and not though many Microsoft templates do, in fact, convert.

I must say that I have serious misgivings as to the reliability of the quotes in the video as, for instance, many local governments and police authorities on mainland Europe work in on Windows and on Linux-based Operating Systems.

The claim about security issues with and its files is absolutely laughable. Microsoft would do well to clean up in front of their own door before talking about other people's products.

Then again, those tactics and antics of the Redmond-based company do not surprise me at all. It is the same story when it comes to talking about Open-Source Operating Systems as when it comes to OpenOffice and, indeed, other Open-Source software.

Microsoft is running scared that it could be losing customers, especially in the still ongoing Great Recession.

While it is true that not all the keyboard shortcuts on OpenOffice are the same as on MS Word, for instance, it does not take much to get used to them and the interface is not much different to MS Office, even Office 2007.

Folks, don't allow yourselves to be scared off by the bullies out of Redmond. Rather give the a good run for their money while not wasting yours. is compatible and secure and fast and I use it every day.

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