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DESlock+ Unveiled Solution For Sharing Data On USBs

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Taunton, UK: In April 2010 Data Encryption Systems Limited (DES), the UK-based leader in software copyright protection, data encryption, secure messaging and data storage solutions, revealed its latest innovative new solution to combat data breaches. DESlock+ Go addresses the problem of securely sharing data on any USB removable storage device without requiring users who access it needing to install additional software. Like all DESlock products, DESlock+ Go conforms to international regulatory standards so customers can confidently distribute and share data on a USB stick or CD/DVD without compromising on security.

DESlock+ Go allows users to encrypt information with an encryption key and a password. This means the license holder who possesses the key can transparently share the data with others and if they don’t have the key, they simply input the password which can be changed as and where necessary. This allows both parties to see encrypted stored files. DES Managing Director David Tomlinson explained where this intuitive technology will be most beneficial and said: “We have designed and tested DESlock+ Go to work for every market. It is a simple tool available free of charge to all DESlock+ customers to add to their existing license. If an employee needs to take some sensitive information to a client meeting on a USB stick to pass on to their customer, that information can be transported safely because it is encrypted and can be easily shared given the password feature. It’s ideal for where data needs to be distributed in large numbers and to those who don’t have the necessary encryption software but where data needs to be used, modified or shared. The beauty is in the portability of this innovation.”

DESlock+ Go allows those with no technical training to decrypt securely and simply. The key holder remains in control of the information because only those with the password will be able to decrypt the stored files. You can resave and encrypt the data back onto the USB stick seamlessly.

David Tomlinson added: “You could describe this as a bubble of security. With increasing numbers of employees becoming mobile workers away from the security of their office, the number of data breaches will undoubtedly rise. Ensuring that your corporate data is safe will soon set board level agendas as the ICO powers extend their reach into an increasing number of businesses. Organizations just cannot now afford to risk their security and gamble on the belief that it’ll never happen to them. USB memory and other removable media devices pose one of the greatest threats to corporate data. While the low cost of these devices make a lost unit seem trivial, the value of the content and damage to a business caused by its loss may be enormous. DESlock+ Go is another asset to the proven and acclaimed arsenal of DESlock+ products available to prevent data leakage.”

In a survey by the Identity Theft Resource Center, 82 percent of respondents who had lost data said that if it had been encrypted, the risk to the company would have been far reduced and according to a Ponemon Institute Study, a third of respondents terminated their relationship with an organization on learning about the breach of data security. This clearly begs the question; can you afford not to safeguard your data? Encrypting data is simple and with mobile working increasing, the need for it to become part of every company’s IT infrastructure will become ever more pressing. DESlock+ Go is responding to the evolving demands of today’s mobile business by providing a solution to the problem of sharing data with those who don’t share the same security procedures as your firm.

DESlock+ helps organizations to protect against all types of data breach by offering simple, yet extremely powerful, encryption of documents, folders, disks and removable storage media, and computer systems. The solution is both Windows 7 compatible and FIPS 140-2 approved. The United States Federal Government is required to only purchase cryptographic products which are validated to the FIPS 140-2 standard and so this is a highly sought after and significant accreditation.

DESlock+ Go is included with the DES business desktop license and does not require users to be running the Enterprise Server. For more information visit

Since 1985, Data Encryption Systems has been the UK’s most successful manufacturer of software protection dongles, software copyright protection systems, and secure handset reprogramming accessories. Data Encryption Systems markets and supports products used by tens of thousands of businesses worldwide to protect applications, copyrighted materials, medical records, government files and other confidential and personal information. The company’s flagship product, DESlock+, has been awarded SC Magazine’s Best Buy for three successive years.

The problem though remains that (1) individuals, businesses and government agencies seem to be totally oblivious to the need of encrypting data and (2) that, even with the encryption software in place they often opt against encrypting data.

The losses of data, however, in Britain and elsewhere, on CDs, USB drives, and laptops, should make us all aware of the need of securing our data, and especially data in transit.

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