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From the opening of its doors in May this year, The Guardian’s Classroom Innovation, in association with Asus, has already generated traffic, comment and activity not just across the site but also into the social networking environments, notably Twitter.

Engaging with teachers and parents alike, the site has asked a host of questions, generated a number of responses and been on top of breaking news within the education and ICT sector.

Eco considerations and cost saving tips have been aired, the demise of Becta and the questions that this currently leaves unanswered have been asked alongside tips on revision and the potency of mobile learning.

During a time of change, the Classroom Innovation survey asks the question “Save Our Technology – What to Cut and What to Keep in Schools?” - watch out later this month for the results of the survey to be announced. Of real currency is the present stat from the survey where teachers, who have participated in the poll, have voted Becta as the most valuable organisation among a list of six national bodies.

In addition, this week will see the introduction of a new competition to win a stunning and slick ASUS Eee Top ET2010 multi-touch all-in-one PC and, as importantly, the winners of the first competition will be announced this Friday afternoon (4th June).

Join in and engage with a new blog from Tristan Ashman exploring issues around the education environment’s perceived over-reliance on technology... is this really the case or is it more a question of effective usage of and understanding of the potency of the technology.

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