3M launched new privacy filter at Infosecurity Europe 2010

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

At last, says 3M, Privacy Filters enter a Golden Age, but I for one, I must say, will still need to be convinced.

The stand for 3M at Infosecurity Europe 2010 was extremely well visited and I was unable myself to get anywhere near to actually have a look at this filter myself. The stand was not very big and hence there was little chance to get near the exhibits let alone talk to any of the staff.

However, I have had a sample of the older version of the privacy filter and must say that it made reading the screen rather difficult with the normal light of the screen and hence found the filter rather as a use though it did do the job of making it impossible fro someone to read from the sides.

The 3M privacy filter has been around now for a couple of years and while it does the job of preventing someone sitting beside you snooping on what you are doing it also makes it difficult, as far as I am concerned, for the user.

If 3M would like one of the new filters given a test they are welcome to get in touch with the ICT REVIEW but until I have been able to take it through its paces myself I shall say that the jury is still out on whether the new gold filter is what the makers claim it is and does.

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