360 IT Event organisers welcome new open source web address security

The organisers of 360°IT - The IT Infrastructure Event have welcomed a new web address security system developed by the OpenDNSSEC project and which seamlessly integrates secure domain names into existing Internet hosting platforms without organisations having to change their infrastructures.

"What this open source initiative - which is entering beta test this week - does is to secure the data used to translate domain names (e.g. 360itevent.com) to computer addresses by adding to it a cryptographic signature created by a securely held key," said Natalie Booth, the 360°IT Event Director.

"Then, when the information is retrieved as a result of a DNS query, the cryptographic signature is also returned, allowing the distant software to validate the DNS lookup procedure," she added.

According to Booth, whose company is organising this September's 360°IT – The IT Infrastructure Event, the open source software has been developed by several major Internet leaders, including Nominet, NLNetLabs, Kirei, SURFnet, and SIDN. What this technology does is to allow site owners and operators - regardless of their size - to sign their Web site addresses and signal to Internet users that their site is both legitimate and secure, she explained.

With cloud security and other Internet-based services rapidly entering the business frame, she went on to say that it is crucially important that Web site owners and operators are able to create a secure software-based DNS signing system, as businesses must be able to trust the underlying protocols that make up the modern Internet.

By allowing site owners and operators to download the OpenDNSSEC software, the open source initiative is paving the way for a new generation of Internet software and browser add-ins that uses this important new technology.

"With the cloud forming the centre-piece for our educational show programme at this September's 360°IT Event, it is critical that businesses of all sizes have confidence in the basic systems that drive today's World Wide Web," she said.

"360°IT welcomes the release of the open beta of this BSD licensed software and expects to see a flurry of software arriving in the coming months that advances what looks like being a major evolution in Internet security," she added.

For more on the OpenDNSSEC initiative: http://bit.ly/90jm4L

For more on 360°IT: http://www.360itevent.com

360°IT is the event dedicated to the IT community addressing the needs of IT professionals responsible for the management and development of a flexible, secure and dynamic IT infrastructure.

With high level strategic content, product demonstrations and technical workshops, 360°IT will provide an essential road map of current and emerging technologies to deliver end to end solutions.

360°IT will facilitate vendor and end user collaboration to create the IT infrastructure necessary to achieve key business objectives - improving service, reducing cost and managing risk whilst gaining competitive advantage and growth.

Source: Eskenzi PR