Storage Expo - free advice on cloud issues from Google

(Storage PR) Storage Expo, the definitive data storage, information and content management event, is pleased to announce it will be hosting Mr Xen Lategan, technical lead for Google's UK, Ireland and Benelux operations, who will be giving a keynote address at the event.

Mr Lategan, who was a software architect with Accenture, founder of Navigator Computers and a senior technical specialist with Microsoft before joining Google, will be giving the keynote address on day two of Storage Expo, which takes place at London Olympia on October 14/15 this year.

The theme of the Google expert will be this year's hot topic of cloud computing, with which Mr Lategan is very familiar, having specialised in cloud and software-as-a-service (SaaS) technologies for several years.

According to Natalie Booth, Event Manager of Storage Expo, with several major IT players, including Computer Associates, Novell and Unisys having announced plans for secure cloud services for companies in recent weeks, the topic of cloud computing is set to become even hotter on boardroom agendas in the months ahead.

"The advantages of cloud and SaaS technologies are now very clear - lower operating costs for most firms and access to company data on a near-anywhere, anytime basis - making for improved business efficiencies and, of course, and enhanced bottom line," she said.

"Most organisations, however, are relatively poorly equipped to handle the logistics - as well as the security implications - of migrating to a cloud/SaaS architecture, so we're pleased that Mr Lategan, with his considerable experience in the area, will be giving the keynote," she added.

According to Booth, plans call for Mr Lategan to explain why cloud values are critical to all businesses, especially in the current economic environment.

Mr Lategan will also be looking at how cloud computing can help you find, share and secure your company information.

This year's Storage Expo has a comprehensive range of free advice, keynotes and seminars, all designed to ensure that organisations of all sizes can now get the advice they need free of charge.

Alongside key presentations from Amazon and Google, there will be an up-the-minute virtualisation showcase, as well as cloud and information & content management zones, channel and launch areas, interactive workshops and several roundtable sessions, including:

Andrew Reichman, Senior Analyst, Forrester will lead the keynote on optimising storage through the downturn: delivering first class storage on a third class ticket. Carla Arend, Program Manager, European Infrastructure Software, IDC Group will lead the panel on future directions that will shape your storage strategies for tomorrow.

Tony Lock, Programme Director, Freeform Dynamics will advise on what to look for when buying a virtualisation solution and find out the top 5 tips for aligning business and IT objectives with ESG’s Managing Director Steve O’Donnell.

Rene Millman, Senior Research Analyst, Gartner Research will expose the truth and hype about cloud and Nigel Stanley, Practice Leader, Bloor Research will chair a panel on is your backup and archive effective.

John Abbot, Founder and Chief Analyst at The 451 Group will discuss Disaster Recovery and the changes server virtualisation will bring and Jon Collins, CEO & Managing Director, Freeform Dynamics will lead the practitioner panel: how to manage your it director

This year we have changed the seminar programme with 2 key themes: “It all starts with Storage” and “Don't just store it, do more with it.”

The “It all starts with Storage” stream will demonstrate optimisation of assets, reduction of cost, storage as an enabler, how to store unstructured data and creating a business case for storage. Key areas that will be covered include Virtualization, Thin Provisioning, SAAS/Cloud, De-duplication, Storage Infrastructure and Networks, Storage Architecture/SAN, Storage as a Platform, SSD's & Flash, IP Storage/FCoE and Data Centres

The “don’t just store it stream”, will include focus sessions on business intelligence, successful information management, and managing unstructured data. Key technologies will include: Enterprise Applications, Information Infrastructure, Sharepoint, BC/DR/Backup, Retrieval/Search, Security, Archiving/Email, Classification/DR, File Sharing/Collaboration, Data Warehousing/Mining and Content and Records management

As limited bank lending constrains the recovery that everyone is waiting for, all it takes is a day out of the office and any manager interested in enhancing their IT knowledge can learn how to do so expediently and cost-effectively.

And the even better news is that, unlike similar events, all of the exhibitions, including seminars and educational programmes, are free to attend.

This will, said Booth, make even your CFO smile.

"The Q&A sessions are the jewel in the crown for exhibition attendees. As well as getting some of the best advice from key industry figures, you'll also have the chance to quiz them on your own specific circumstances. And all for free," she said.

"If that doesn't warrant a day of your time out of the office, just ask your CFO how much this type of impartial IT advice can cost your organisation. Then register for the free event at," she added.