RingCube and MXI Security™ Partner to Deliver a Virtual Desktop on the hardware-encrypted Stealth MXP™ Biometric USB Drive

RingCube Managed Virtual Workspaces to be Delivered on MXI Security Biometric USB Drives


Mountain View and Santa Ana, Calif., July 15, 2008RingCube Technologies, a leading provider of the managed, virtual workspace, and MXI Security, the leader in superior managed portable security solutions, partner to deliver MojoPac Enterprise on MXI Security’s Stealth MXP Biometric USB drives. The integrated mobile virtual desktop solution enables users to securely carry their entire desktop environment including applications, files and settings on a portable USB drive and access it from any PC – at work, home, at a customer site or on a public computer -- online or offline. MXI Security USB portable security devices ensure that RingCube’s high performance virtual workspaces are protected by the highest 2-factor biometric user authentication and the strongest AES 256-bit hardware encryption to prevent data leakage and unauthorized access.

“Workers who travel from office to office or between the office and home like the convenience of having their desktop available without having to carry a notebook from point to point. Virtual desktops that run off a USB flash or hard drive give users a portable personality with all of their applications, data and preferences delivered in a familiar work environment that is available offline on any PC,” said Leslie Fiering, Research Vice President, Gartner Group. It is critical that organizations secure the virtual desktop environment with encryption, strong authentication and host security checks to verify that the host is secure and trusted before the user can login.”

RingCube’s award-winning MojoPac virtualization technology separates a user’s desktop environment, including applications, data, settings and system resources, from the operating system and encapsulates it into a secure container. Users can run their managed virtual workspace on unmanaged, non-corporate PCs – at home, at a client site or in a hotel business center. By plugging their MojoPac-enabled USB portable security device into a host PC, mobile professionals can transform any Windows PC into their own familiar and personalized workspace to access their files, applications, settings and entire desktop, as if they were on their own PC. Before allowing the user to launch their workspace, MojoPac verifies the security of the system based on administrator-defined policies. For administrators, RingCube provides an Administration Server that makes creating, deploying and managing virtual desktop environments easy and less costly.

“We are honored to have RingCube delivering their innovative virtualization technology on MXI Security portable security devices,” said Lawrence Reusing, CEO at MXI Security. “The combination of RingCube’s high-performance virtual workspaces and MXI Security’s high-capacity biometric USB drives with the ACCESS Enterprise device lifecycle management solution make it possible to take corporate desktops anywhere with the highest level of security.”

Enterprise companies can provide drives to employees, contractors or customers that are pre-provisioned with the user’s workspace or let them self-provision their workspace from RingCube’s web-based Client Portal. To launch the MojoPac workspace, users simply plug-in their MXI Security USB portable security device into any PC, swipe their finger across the biometric reader, and then will be automatically logged-in to their MojoPac workspace. Once logged in, users have access to their personalized applications, files, settings and desktop environment.

“Today’s workers are demanding ever-increasing levels of mobility, putting a serious strain on enterprises’ ability to manage these users and keep their data and systems secure,” said Ron DiBiase, RingCube’s VP of Business Development. “The partnership between RingCube and MXI Security enables enterprise customers to give their users portable workspaces that can be carried in the palm of their hand, while providing the security of biometrics and hardware encryption.”

MXI Security USB portable security devices provide secure portable storage that includes biometric authentication and AES 256-bit hardware encryption for MojoPac Enterprise workspaces. MXI Security Biometric USB portable security devices are available immediately in either a USB Flash Drive or USB Hard Drive. Stealth MXP™ is a fully manageable FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validated USB device that protects up to 8 gigabytes of data with AES 256-bit hardware encryption and strong authentication (biometric, password or both). Stealth MXP delivers strong authentication for network logins/SSO, remote access and full disk encryption with total portability.

Outbacker MXP™ protects up to 120 gigabytes of data with AES 256-bit hardware encryption with strong user authentication and supports digital identity functions with complete portability and simplicity. Outbacker MXP is a fully manageable hard disk drive device ideally suited for organizations that need high capacities for portable data or portable desktop and OS environments.

RingCube is the leading provider of the managed virtual workspace. The company’s award-winning software platform, MojoPac, enables enterprise and consumer users to securely access their complete personal computing experience from any Windows PC around the world. The company is venture-backed by New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and Mohr Davidow Ventures (MDV) and is based in Santa Clara, Calif.

MXI Security leads the way in providing superior managed portable security solutions designed to meet the highest security and privacy standards of even the most demanding customers.

MXI Security solutions combine the power of strong user authentication, digital identity and data encryption to protect access to sensitive information and systems.

Easy to manage and transparent to the end user, MXI Security solutions enable organizations to satisfy multiple security needs with a single device, facilitating greater mobility without compromising security.

Source: OnPR for MXI Security