Logitech NX50 Notebook Laser Mouse – Product Review

Wrap it, pack it, use it everywhere!

You may think: 'what can one say about a mouse. One is very much like another.' Well, not necessarily and in this case definitely not.

Logitech's NX50 Notebook Laser Mouse has a uniquely-shaped base allows the USB connector to snap securely to the underside of the mouse, holding everything in place and protecting the optical lens during transport. No tangles and no unraveling!

Integrated cable management allows the user to wind the cord neatly for storage. A 1000 dpi laser sensor offers 20X more tracking power than standard optical, making for accurate tracking on most high-gloss surfaces. The tough polymeric bodywork easily withstands bumps on the road and the plug-and-play technology makes for simple installation and operation

System Requirements (according to Logitech)
Windows® 2000, XP or Vista™
USB port

Technical Specifications
1000 dpi laser
Three-buttons plus scroll wheel
Compatible with 32- and 64-bit platforms
Certified for Windows Vista™ Premium solutions

Package Contents
Logitechh® NX50 Notebook Laser Mouse
3-year guarantee

Price: around GBP 10

While Logitech states for PC the requirements as to Windows® 2000, XP or Vista™ in regards to Operating System the mouse performs equally well on Linux PCs, and definitely on Ubuntu Linux where it was tested.

Laser instead of LEDs making for much better tracking, especially on glossy surfaces though I am old-fashioned and still rather have the rodent on a nice mat for it, especially an environmentally friendly one made from recycled tires.

A nice strong cable – nearly as thick as those of standard PC rodents – that wraps around the mouse's body for storage.

Now here I am really having a problem. Why? Because I couldn't find any.

This mouse is, I must say, the first laser one that I have ever used and tested. All the rodents in use with my computers are of the optical, e.g. one to two LED kind (and dare I say even one old roller mouse). The experience of using the LogitechNX50 was rather positive, to say the least.

The greatest pro, in my opinion, of the LogitechNX50 is the fact that the USB lead is (1) much sturdier than the ones usually employed for the laptop/notebook rodents and (2) wraps around the body of the mouse rather than retracts into a little spool. The plug then, once the cord is wrapped around the body, clips neatly into a receptacle at the bottom of the mouse.

The scroll wheel is very positive as are the buttons and this little rodent would be equally at home in your laptop bag for use with your laptop/notebook PC when the work area allows for the use of an external mouse, as it would be at home with a desktop or tower, in your home office or at the office.

Reviewed by Michael Smith (Veshengro), February 2008